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    From soups to desserts, from meat dishes to vegetable dishes Adana has a very wide food culture. The main ones are Adana Kebab, Adana İçli köfte, Adana Lahmacun, Şırdan, Analı Kızlı, Mumbar, Liver Kebab, Garlic köfte, Yüksük Soup, Dul Avrat Soup, Adana Su böreği, Hummus, Sıkma. Also, beverage culture is wide. Some of those are Turnip Juice, Aşlama (liquorice sherbet), Misis Ayran. Adana desserts are also among the important flavors. Halka Dessert, Taş Kadayıf, Karakuş Dessert, Adana Bici Bici are the main ones.

    Besides these the famous flavors that can be tasted only in Adana are: Cezerye, Adana Watermelon, Kozan Orange, Saimbeyli Cherry, Citrus Jam and Karaisalı Pepper dir.

    It is possible to find fresh seafood in every season Yumurtalık and Karataş, coastal cities of districts of Adana.

    Adana Kebab

    When it comes to Adana Cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is Adana Kebab. Adana Kebab is a culture, beyond being a type of food in Adana. “Barbecue” is an indispensable fixture of Adana. So much so that even the skewers of the kebab are specially made by the blacksmiths. Prepared by considering all the factors that will affect the taste for Adana kebab meat; must be one or two-year-old male lamb meat, free of nerves, rest for a day and minced with armor. Lavash lightly soaked in light, mash and shepherd’s salad with it; Kebab with lots of greens and of course onion salad with sumac and turnip Adana’s favorite. We recommend everyone who travels to Adana to taste the Adana Kebab, which turns into a visual feast with the salads and appetizers served with it.

    Turnip juice

    Adana’s famous drink Turnip Juice is Indispensable for kebab. It takes quite a while to make. It is made by adding black carrots, turnip plants and setic, soaking in water for fifteen to twenty days and fermenting. The fact that the cube in which it is kept is made of oak tree and the prolongation of the holding and fermentation time increases its quality and taste. In addition, it is known that it is particularly good for eye health thanks to the intense vitamin A it contains. It is one of the flavors that can be tasted in many parts of Adana.

    İçli Köfte

    Stuffed meatball is a dish that is difficult to prepare, in which the ladies exhibit their talents, and require a different skill for inside and outside. Stuffed meatball is a special dish prepared for the son from the military, the co-in-laws or special guests from far. Its most important ingredients are patience and skill. It is one of the tastes that you can encounter in Adana homes.


    Aşlama a special indigenous beverage made from licorice root is sold by sellers who carry pitchers made of brass alloy. Getting over; It is known to be good for stomach ulcers and kidney stones. Aşlama is known to be good for stomach ulcers and kidney stones.


    Şırdan, one of the famous street delicacies of Adana; only one can be obtained from ruminant animals. Şırdan is like the flavor sun that rises on the corners of the sidewalks after sunset. In Adana, it can be found around every corner in the evenings. 

    Analı Kızlı

    It is a practical intelligence product that prevents the waste of the rest of the ingredients of sour köfte and analı kızlı. Sour meatballs and maternity meatballs. The dish prepared with small meatballs cooked in sour meatballs is called “analı kızlı” If desired, chickpeas and bone-in meat can also be added. It is a dish that can be frequently encountered especially in the villages of Adana.

    Yüksük Soup

    In the form of ravioli, boiled with dough filled with minced meat and small mince balls and chickpeas, made with a special sauce, this soup is served as a wedding meal especially in villages.

    Bici Bici

    Bici Bici; starch, powdered sugar, rose water, sherbet and grated ice are used in its making; it is served decorated with fruits such as bananas, cherries or strawberries. Most preferred on hot summer days it is a very refreshing dessert unique to Adana.


    In the villages, when the ladies come together and make dough bread, since they do not have time to cook, those dishes are replaced by sıkma. It is a special Adana flavor opened by hand the dough in the size of a plate in the shape of flatbread is cooked on a sheet and wrapped with cheese, onion and parsley, if desired, adding a little powdered pepper and wrapped in a wrap, served with buttermilk or tea. 

    Karakuş Dessert

    Adding walnuts, cinnamon and granulated sugar to the dough; made by kneading eggs, milk, lemon juice, flour and olive oil; served by being flavored with syrup prepared by frying in olive oil Karakuş Dessert is one of the most special desserts of the region.