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  • 10 vibes for Adana

    like locals

    Adana Museum; Since it is a regional museum, the artifacts unearthed in archaeological excavations in Adana with its surroundings and the cities of Kahramanmaraş, Tarsus and Mersin are on display. The area is organized as a new museum, where the National Textile Factory is located. Archeology and Mosaic museums were opened in the first stage within the new museum complex; In the second stage, there will be City and Ethnography, Agriculture and Industry Museums. In the new museum complex; in the first stage Archeology and Mosaic museums were opened; and in the second stage, there will City and Ethnography, Agriculture, Industry Museums

    Taşbridge; located on the River Seyhan, belonging to the Roman Imperial Period, cross the bridge with the title of the world’s oldest bridge still in use.

    International Adana Festival of Taste; Join the Festival, held with the aim of international promotion of Adana

    cuisine, in different parts of the city, accompanied by famous chefs, gourmets, and artists, various gastro shows, parades, talks, workshops and competitions. 

    In hot summer days of Adana, you can cool off eating bici bici by the Seyhan Dam Reservoir, sip your tea in the tea gardens or taste delicious Adana meals in restaurants.

    After a pleasant trekking in Kapıkaya Canyon, relax by sipping your coffee and take magnificent photos in front of the unique view of the historical Varda Bridge.

    See the Grand Mosque with Seljuk, Mameluke and Ottoman architectural features

    Anavarza Ancient City; Visit the majestic ANAVARZA Ancient City, which is on the Temporary List of UNESCO World Heritage

    Taste the Adana Kebab, the first dish that comes to mind when it comes to Adana Cuisine

    Attend the Orange Blossom Carnival Carnival held in April, when the orange, one of the symbols of Adana, blooms,

    See Aigeai Ancient in City Cilicia Pedias (Lowland Cilicia) region, in the east of Ceyhan River, an important port city in the west of İskenderun Bay.