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    Since Adana is a rich city in terms of citrus gardens, you can smell the flowers of citrus, orange and tangerine trees everywhere in the spring.  

    When you visit Kozan Castle, the enticing scent of Menengiç Coffee will attract you.

    Since summers are humid and extremely hot in Adana, many people living in provincial and district centers (plains), migrate to the highlands in summer like; in Aladağ - Ağçakise - Başpınar - Bici - Kosurga - Meydan Plateaus; in Feke İnderesi Plateau; in Karaisalı Kızıldağ Plateau; in Kozan GöllerHorzum - Çulluuşağı Plateaus; in Pozantı AkçatekirArmutoğluAşarBelemedik - Fındıklı Plateaus; in Saimbeyli ÇatakObruk Plateaus and in Tufanbeyli Kürebel Plateau. Those who migrate to the plateaus breathe the cool and clean air of the plateaus and consume fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. They could see the unique fauna and flora of the plateaus. Those spending the summer in the plateaus return to their places where they live as of September, when the weather starts to cool.