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    in Adana

    Used as a settlement and transit route by great civilizations for at least six thousand years Adana contains many historical and cultural values within its borders, also attracts the visitors with its natural beauties and gastronomy.

    Known as the mounds and castles plateau Çukurova is one of the regions with the richest historical heritage with its ancient cities, historical bridges, caravanserais and important faith centers of Anatolia.

    First Day

    There are many historical and cultural sightseeing values in the center of Adana that can be visited. You can start your Adana tour with the TaşBridge, one of the oldest bridges still in use today, built by the Roman Architect “Auxentios” in the II. Century AD on the Seyhan River. The Girls’ High School, located right near the bridge, is also worth seeing. Afterwards, you can visit the Ulu Mosque and Ramazanoğlu Mansion, built in 1513 during the Ramazanoğlu Principality period. Later, you can see the historical Tepebağ Houses and photograph the architectural texture, and see the Bebekli Church, an Italian Catholic Church built in the name of St. Paul in 1881. Again, you can see the places around where the heart of the city beats by visiting the historical Great Clock Tower, Yağ Mosque and Kazancılar Bazaar. If you wish, you can have your meal in historical restaurants in this magical atmosphere accompanied by the famous Adana Kebab and Turnip juice, and then you can feast your palate with Adana’s famous desserts Karakuş and Halka Dessert or Bici Bici.

    Again, in Adana center, Designed as Türkiye’s largest museum complex in New Adana Museum, you can follow the footsteps of history by visiting the Archeology and mosaic sections. In this historical and cultural trip of Adana if you want to breathe in the arms of green, Karaisali district about 50 km from Adana center is one of the most visited places in the region with its historical buildings and natural beauties. After a pleasant trekking in Kapıkaya Canyon, an ideal route for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers, you can relax by sipping your coffee in front of the unique view of the historical Varda Bridge and take magnificent photos.

    Second Day

    Apart from Adana center, many ancient cities, Castles, Bridges, Caravanserais and ruins can be seen. You can see the Misis Bridge, thought to have been built by the Eastern Roman Emperor Flavius Julius Constantinos in the 4th century, in the town of Misis, about 25 km from the center, and you can taste the famous Sıkma and Misis Ayran. Afterwards, you can enjoy the view by visiting the Yılan Castle, which welcomes you on the right side of the road while driving towards Ceyhan district. Afterwards, turning to Kadirli road from Ceyhan - Kadirli road junction and in Dilekkaya Village; You should see the magnificent Anavarza Ancient City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List. In Kozan Castle, located in Kozan district, you can relax by sipping your menengiç coffee with a magnificent view.

    Later in the day passing through Ceyhan district, when you arrive in Yumurtalık district one of the most important port cities of the Region; You can also visit the Castle located in the harbor, Marco Polo Pier and the Sea Castle, Süleyman Tower in just west of the town and Kurtkulağı Caravanserai on the way to Ceyhan. Then about 45 km from the Center in Karataş district, having an important place in the Roman and Byzantine periods, Magarsus Ancient City and its Theater can be seen. Also located to the west of the district center and Çukurova’s largest Lagoon Akyatan Bird Paradise also attracts attention with its natural beauty. Both Yumurtalık and Karataş has a great potential in terms of sea tourism; since it is rich in fresh seafood, it offers unique tastes to its visitors.

    If you can spare more time for Adana, we also recommend you see these unique places, we briefly mention below:

    You can see every shade of green in the plateaus of Pozantı district, fill your lungs with oxygen, especially in autumn you can witness the riot of colors in Belemedik Plateau.

    The plateaus, forests, wild animals in Aladağ National Park are among the regions where the natural life is best protected and therefore the most favorite areas of nature and camping enthusiasts. Recently, one of the most popular spots, especially in summer, is the Küp Waterfalls.

    Located in Saimbeyli district Obruk Waterfall is one of the natural beauties of the region and attracts many visitors. You can see the s blue butterfly type specific to this region and if you come in season you should taste the famous Saimbeyli Cherry. Afterwards in Tufanbeyli district you can visit the Shar Ancient City, having the traces of Hittite, Roman and Byzantine periods.