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  • Adana GoTürkiye

    Founded in the south of Türkiye at the foot of Taurus Mountains, between Seyhan and Ceyhan Rivers, on Çukurova Plain, dating back to BCE 6000s with historical cities, colorful nature, clear beaches and offering a unique experience with the clean air of Taurus Mountains, Adana is the sixth largest city of Türkiye.

    The oldest city name still used without being changed is Adana. Adana, in the form of Adaniia or Ataniia on the Hittite cuneiform tablets, was first mentioned in the letter of the Hittite King Telipu in 1150 BCE.

    Being an important city of Ancient Cilicia Adana, its fertile lands and its strategic location on commercial and military routes, caused it to change hands between different civilizations. Home to 18 civilizations, you can visit more than 10 ancient cities all over the city, breathe the unique nature and fresh air of the plateaus, and taste their delicious food.

    The first collective agreement in history was made in the second half of the 19. century by Egyptian İbrahim Pasha in Adana.